What’s Happening at We Rock The Spectrum Summer Camp

What’s Happening at We Rock The Spectrum Summer Camp

This year as the summer was approaching, we wanted to make it extra special for our kiddos.  So We Rock The Spectrum Summer Camp was born!


We originally planned for summer camp to be half a day, or about 4 hours long.  But after many of our WRTS parents asked us about a whole day program, we decided to extend it.  However, we didn’t change the cost.

You can bring your kids to summer camp and know that they are going to have an amazing day of learning through play.  And yes—you can start coming any time!  We limit it to 10 kids per day so that we can maximize our activities.


Weekly Themes

Our summer camp teacher, Miss Diane, planned specific activities, crafts, and games to make each day special.

The first week of camp was “Aloha Summer,” and one of the kids’ favorite activities was making their own Hawaiian leis.  For “Slime and Grime” week, we made slime every single day!  Do you think the kids got tired of making slime?  Of course not!  They were still sad to finish up slime week.

During “Blast Off To Space” week, all of the kids got to make a painting of outerspace.  They also learned about constellations, and then made their own out of stars and chalk.  For “Superheroes” week, the kids got to dress up as superheroes every day. They even got to make their own cities out of play dough and the heroes got to save the day from the villians!

This week, our theme was “Under the Sea,” and we got to paint seashells and even play with a beach in a box!

Getting messy is a great way for kids to learn… isn’t it even better when you don’t have to be the one to clean them up?  For more pictures and information about the camp themes, visit our Facebook page and the Summer Camp event page.

Upcoming Themes

With four weeks left of camp, there are still so many more activities that we can’t wait for.  Our themes will be Dinosaurs, Bugs Galore, Game On, and Pirates and Princesses.  We can’t wait for you to see everything we have planned!

Daily Schedule

The activities are planned every day to keep the kids excited, engaged, and always learning!  These are the activities your kids will be a part of each day:


  • Open Play: We have found that the best time for the kids to play in our gym is at the beginning and the end of the day. Now we are five weeks in, and we still don’t have any bored kids!
  • Craft/Activity: The crafts go along with each week’s theme and are a great learning opportunity.  These activities help the kids get creative and help them work on their fine motor skills.
  • Structured Game: Game time is one of the kids’ favorite times of the day.  This is when they practice following directions while also getting to be active and work on their large muscle coordination and gross motor skills.
  • Story Time: It is so important for kids to be reading during the summer, so we make this a priority.


Bonus Events!

Free Yoga Class: Every Tuesday at 11, your kids will get to participate in Kidding Around Kids Yoga class for no extra cost.  There are so many benefits for kids who do yoga! You can read more information about the class and the benefits here.

Weekly Sign Language: Every Thursday during the month of July, a certified ASL instructor will be doing themed sign language lessons.  Your kids will learn through songs, stories, games and activities.  And summer campers get a discount on this bonus activity!

What Do I Need For Summer Camp?

If you’re ready to sign up for camp, you can call us right now at (405) 657-1108, or email info@werockthespectrumoklahomacity.com.


You can choose for your child to come for a half day or for a full day.  For a full day, all you need to bring is a lunch, but we will provide the snacks.


Then you are all ready to have an awesome day at We Rock the Spectrum!


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